ATTENTION -- Please note we have released a new product called MySchoolFees Desktop. Please note that one of the links below says MySchoolAccounting, and the other says MySchoolFees Desktop.

Click Here For MySchoolAccounting v8.

Click Here For MySchoolFees Desktop

TES Software provides solutions designed from experience. Our software was designed by Hyrum Tatton, a skilled programmer with over 20 years' experience as a high school principal. Our development team has also worked closely with hundreds of schools over many years, listening to their needs and creating software that meets those needs.

We offer solutions for each of your needs.
  • Activity Based Fund Accounting
  • Online Payment
  • Employee Time and Attendance
  • Remote Fines and Receipting
  • Integration with District Accounting Systems

We are intent on providing our customers excellent support. We offer excellent training as well as software support using the best tools in the industry.
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Offices located in Montana, Oregon and Alabama                        Phone (888) 756-5333     Fax (888) 846-5399